My Data Journey Part 1: The Beginning

In early May 2020 I was invited to speak on a panel by my alumni association at Full Sail to talk about my experience with the Masters program and how it has impacted my life. They provided sample questions to help prepare and this lead me to reflect on my time with the program and also find an old assignment I completed. 

There were a number of tasks I was given that I thought were pointless like: 

  • Using expensive software (Tableau)
  • Reading non-course relevant literature (Mastery by Robert Greene)
  • Creating video presentations
  • Creating visualizations using graphics software (Photoshop and Illustrator)

Today, these are core skills that are propelling me to success!

  • I use Tableau Software and Alteryx Designer as my core tools, getting away from the free Excel way of working
  • I [try] to read regularly, there is a wealth of information out there in books and it is a great way to share and consume ideas
  • In today’s world people consume more content via video than ever before! Thanks YouTube!
  • Humans are visual creatures, and one of the best ways to express yourself, a concept or an idea is to create a visual for it

One of the assignments was to build an infographic that represented a timeline of the previous four years and what the next four years would look like. This is a representation of my journey: 

Hired as 
emplo e 
Graduate with 8. Sc. in 
Computer Engineering 
from Florida Tech 
Sta Grad School 
• Hired s Å 
sy m; developer 
n contract 
PromotW1s or 
Business Intel 
from Full Sail 
Career New 
Month 9 Week 2 Assignment. I really should have given these files more meaningful names but I was able to find this!

I was doing the program in 2014. Looking back four years was pretty easy when focusing on education and career milestones, being in the Caribbean I thought the plan for the next four years was ambitious but that didn’t stop me from making it the plan. Even though I haven’t actively kept track on it, this is exactly how things turned out!

Fast forward to the end of 2019 I’m starting a new role in a new company that will give a different challenge and further broaden my perspective and experiences. I think it is time that I extended this a bit, expand on this timeline and maybe project a few more years into the future. 

Before we go into where I am now, let’s look how this journey started in Part 2.

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