Live a Life Worth Dreaming Of

Today on Facebook I saw a really cool inspirational picture. Then I saw a lot of very mean and harsh comments that follow, from friends and strangers alike. I’m torn because I understand the artists point of view, but also the perspective of the locals (who don’t live there but like to go there often).

The message was simple, sweet and sincere. It was a reminder to all of us, Bajans and tourists alike, of the hospitality we give, the dreams we aspire for and the love we share. This piece of art was a romantic gesture from one tourist to all of our country and all of our people how touched she was by our beauty and hospitality.

I understand we have our pride and heritage to protect. But at what cost? We in Barbados have a lot to be upset, angry and concerned about. This does not even come close to the top 1,000 reasons why we should be angry. We have issues ranging from potential currency devaluation, low foreign exchange reserves, low income, rising crime, poorly maintained historical sites, demolished historical sites, deforestation, millions of dollars missing from Government managed assets (e.g. Harrison’s Cave), millions of dollars wasted from poor Government management, and the list goes on and on. Out of all of these issues, is this the one you choose to act on?

The ruin was (and still is a dump), no one would have given it a second look. The artwork was a reminder that, despite hardships, we CAN live a life worth dreaming! It was something people would have stopped and looked at, controversial or not.

Sure, there may have been a better way to send this message and leave a mark, no I don’t think a post card, or a different location that no one would ever look at would have had the same effect. I’m sad at the way this was handled. I’m sad that a beautiful piece of art was hastily taken down without properly being debated. As much as this is a landmark, I don’t recall this being a protected historic site by our government (someone correct me if I’m wrong please!). Rushing to remove it is just as bad as putting it up without the proper permissions from the government.

I’m sad by how we as Barbadians treated our visitor who had nothing but love and good intentions for us. We could have been more mature about this. We should be better than this. I don’t think it would have been better if a local artist did it. In fact I don’t think any local has the vision or the guts to get up and do something like this.

It is all a matter of perspective and surely we will have a difference in opinion. But stop for a moment and think before, put yourself in the artists shoes, look at both positives and negatives before you unleash your anger. Were here intentions really bad? How do you think we made this visitor feel? How will others feel about our hospitality after this?

The picture is taken by a local unnamed (partially named is more accurate) photographer. I wish I could have taken some of it too.

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