Crossfit Open 2017

Another year another Crossfit Open challenge! This year marks the second time I have participated, it has provided me with an amazing means for benchmarking my fitness and seeing how I have improved (or not improved) from the previous year.

Crossfit Open Results

This year I did a mix of Rx and Scaled where last year I did all of the workout strictly scaled. There were some weights I just couldn’t lift, or thought I couldn’t lift, and movements that I just cannot do (muscle-ups, hand-stand push-ups and double-unders). I did manage to get my very first double under done this Open, but not only that but managed to string quite a few together to complete the last round!

Year W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 Total Rank
2016 78 (145 reps-s) 82 (83 reps-s) 52 (10 reps) 76 (110 reps-s) 69 (33:40 time-s) 59 (375)
2017 79 (176 reps-s) 71 (37 reps) 61 (7 reps) 67 (47 reps) 60 (165 reps) 72 (338)
   (79 reps-s)    (57 reps-s)   (115 reps-s)   (22:22 time-s)

Note that 17.4 was the same workout as 16.4. I made sure to re-do this workout scaled to see how much further I could get and then I did it Rx just to get a score on the board.

It really is amazing how one can gain energy from the crowd. I remember the last two minutes doing 17.5 Rx, I dropped the bar after finishing my 9 reps of thrusters and was about to call it a day. Then the entire gym got off their seats, rushed to me (at first I thought to congratulate me) and started yelling at me, “Pick up the damn rope! Don’t give up now, there is still time on the clock!” I don’t quite remember what happened next except that I was on the floor on the other end of the gym by the door and the judge said I finished at 24 double-unders!

I’m glad I didn’t give up and pushed myself as hard as I can go. You can go far when you set your mind to a task, but it also most certainly helps to have a crowd cheering you on!

I should convert this into a Tableau Viz…

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