Secrets to Success

This weeks Makeover Monday challenge features an infographic from I’m a huge fan of infographics but because the primary focus of such graphics are visual appeal they do forego some visual best practices. As a photographer I do know that rules are meant to be broken [tastefully] so I’m not opposed to putting the rules aside.

My Chart

Design Choices

Following up on my previous makeover, I started by re-creating the original. I couldn’t get the smooth curves like the original author did but I did manage to successfully recreate a radar chart (special thanks to an article in the Tableau Knowledge Base!)

However, this didn’t lead me to any actionable insights. On my remake I went for a simple Top 3 per Social Strata to narrow down the focus on what people think matters and hopefully adjust the way I think to match what works for the rich (assuming that being rich is a goal xD)

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