March Madness Final Four Composition

The 2017 Week 12 Makeover Monday challenge was all about the Final Four composition of the NCAA March Madness tournament over the years. The data set available was every single match (and result) going as far back as 1985.

I must confess, I don’t know anything about Basketball or March Madness, and when I first saw this article and the chart I had no idea what it was supposed to represent. I had to spend some time reading the prose to understand the desired message. I am not sure if I could have come up with something better but this week I took an approach to help me understand the data, re-create the original chart to make sense of the desired message and see if I could provide some alternative views.

My Chart

Design Choices

For my final attempt, it really bothered me that we were discussing the range of the seeds but not having any direct relations with how the regions performed. On the top chart (Seed Range) I am showing the overall trend of the seeding in the final four whereas in the bottom chart I’m splitting it up by the region.

Re-creating the original was greatly helpful and actually a bit troublesome. It was a great experience to see and understand the original author’s approach, I might try to make this a feature in all of my future Makeover Monday attempts!

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