Employment Growth in G-7 Countries

The 2017 Week 5 Makeover Monday challenge features an article from Business Insider about the employment growth of the Advanced Group-7 (also known as G-7) countries and their share of net growth when compared to each other.

The original chart presented with the article used pie charts, and every Tableau user at some point gets told: “Friends don’t let friends use pie charts!” There is merit in arguments against the use of pie charts, the main reason is you can’t really tell how much bigger items are unless they are next to each other.

My Chart


Design Choices

You can see the difference in using a simple bar chart for each of the metrics as opposed to a pie chart. Also, in both of my charts they are sorted by their respective metric allowing you to see how they compare next to each other. The only advantage the pie chart has is it shows parts of a whole, but I am not sure that is very important to get the desired point across.

This chart follows very similar design/style as my previous chart. I wanted to give waffle charts a try but when perusing my twitter feed I saw a lot of people using this. I think I could improve this by utilizing the country flags somewhere. I could also attempt some graphics design principles/methods in changing the color scheme for the bars, fonts and background.

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