Australia’s Income Distribution

The 2017 Week 1 Makeover Monday challenge featured an article that showcases the gender inequality of incomes across Australia. The data in the article was presented as a straight list sorted by gender then the taxable income. While it does serve its purpose, it doesn’t show how the income compares the two genders nor does it show any insights on where the gaps/outliers lie.

For this makeover, I want to showcase the gap in the pay that shows that men are being paid significantly more than women.

Design Choices

  • I went with the blue-pink color scheme to highlight the male favored versus female favored occupations
  • I kept the size of the dashboard to Laptop Browser (800×600 pixels)
  • TheĀ Income Gap chart has a fixed axis to show the gap of the selected items
  • There are two ways to select items, from the scatter plot or the highlighter

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