Global iPhone Sales

Week 2 of the Makeover Monday challenge for 2017 provided a dataset on Apple iPhone sales. The article itself seemed a little dramatic for my liking and the dataset used didn’t really add much context to the story.


For this weeks viz, I overlayed some data onto the dataset provided to help add a different perspective to the same story:

I kept this viz very simple (I didn’t even format my tooltips! Shame shame) just one worksheet. The workbook itself has an alternative view that I was playing with but I kept it with the Black & White color scheme that AppleĀ Brand.


The main thing I’m highlighting (I hope it was obvious from the visualization) is that every time Apple launches a new iPhone, the very next quarter sees a surge in sales, breaking their records every time. While this does add some context to the story and should bring some comfort, there is another factor at play…

I purchased my first Apple device, an iPhone 4 in January 2011. Today, January 2017, that phone STILL works. The only reason I upgraded to an iPhone 6 in April 2015 was so that I can use an Apple Watch! With such robust devices and systems, we should keep in mind that there isn’t really a need to buy a new phone every time one is released. Because of the cost, a lot of people are likely to hold onto their phones until they die.

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