DC Metro Service KPIs

Targets versus Actuals is actually something I will be doing a lot of pretty soon, so this week’s Makeover Monday challenge was right up my alley!

There seemed to be some data/KPIs missing in the data source provided, but that just means less work to do. I was not a fan of the original data structure so I had to spend some time figuring out how to re-shape it (normally I would do such tasks in Alteryx, but I don’t have that on my personal computer…).

The Original

The original article can be found here and you can find links to the dataset on the Makeover Monday website if you want to try it yourself with your own tools.

What I Liked

  • The thumbs up and thumbs down icons to show favorable or unfavorable performance
  • Simple and consistent interface

What I Did Not Like

  • Couldn’t really compare how far from the target the actuals were

Where I tried to be different

When examining the data, I noticed that there is an opportunity to show the performance of the KPI over time as there is quite a bit of historical data included. While I could have included some fancy ASCII characters to show upward or downward trends, I opted to stick with words and colors to try and keep the overall visualization as simple and compact as possible.


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