Worst States for Driving in the USA

This week’s Makeover Monday challenge provides data from a graphic posted in USA today, originally from carinsurancecomparison.com, about the states that rank the worst with driving infractions.

My Visualization

My visualization is pretty basic, I kept the fonts and the colors to the default scheme from Tableau mainly to produce something quickly without being influenced by other submissions.

The Original

What I Liked

  • I liked that you could see the entire states
  • I liked the consistent color scheme
  • I liked the compactness of the view

What I Did Not Like

  • I did not like that you couldn’t easily tell which state was the worst
  • I did not like that you couldn’t really see how the smaller states ranked (they are placed as a legend to the side)

Where I Tried to be Different

Where the original attempted to showcase all fifty states on a single map, I wanted to focus on the worst of the worst. My objective was to keep to the story short, to the point and keep the resulting data condensed.

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