Week in Review


For a few months now I have been involved with a Crossfit gym. I have never had results like these before, the community has been awesome in pushing me to improve myself constantly. Of course it helps to train with friends, this is the main reason for the success and making friends at Bassa Bassa.


My training successes have mostly been from the result of challenges issued. My first one was a 30-day challenge in preparation for Crop Over that involved 3 days of Meri classes a week and sticking to a diet plan. It was a very good introduction and change from what I was doing (or not doing). The second was a more intense 21-day challenge that involved 7 days per week of prescribed exercise routine and following a strict diet plan. The third one was an equally intense, but a little easier, 28-day challenge that involved 3 days per week a prescribed exercise routine and 3 days of Meri classes and, of course, following a strict diet plan.

The next challenge is the Crossfit Open that starts on February 25, 2016. I have no idea what is to come or whether I will be able to actually do it. There is a scaled version that I will likely fall into but I intend to try the standard version first.

Preparing for the Crossfit Open

This week has been all about setting some benchmarks. We aren’t sure what will actually be assigned at the Crossfit games so it is good to know what we are capable of to try to eliminate some of the guesswork.

Test Results

  • Monday
    • 5 minutes of burpees: 50
  • Tuesday
    • 1 rep max bench press: 140 lbs
    • 1 minute push-ups: 26
    • 1 minute sit-ups: 29
  • Wednesday
    • 1 minute static squat: passed
    • 1 minute plank: passed
    • 1 minute reverse plank: passed
  • Thursday
    • 1 rep max shoulder press: 95 lbs
    • 1 rep max push press: 115 lbs
    • 1 rep max push jerk: 0 lbs 🙁
  • Friday
    • 1 minute push-ups: 22
    • 1 minute sit-ups: 26
    • 1 minute split squat jump: 36

All in all the results are good, I know this is by far a lot more than what I’ve ever been able to do so I am pleased. Looking forward to the Crossfit Open!

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