Reflecting on 2015

The end of the year is hear! Now is as good a time as any to reflect on everything that has been accomplished, at least the ones that can be remembered or worth remembering, put it on “paper” and plan for the future.

Career progression

Since I finished my Masters degree towards the end of 2014 I made some goals for myself:

  • Attended my first conference – Tableau Conference 2015 in Las Vegas
  • Made progress on career goal – Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification
  • Completed a key project on data delivery and self service BI – created a data mart and made the data available, giving end users a capability they’ve never had before
  • Photoshop “lessons”/practice

Fitness Progression

  • Started the year close to 165 lbs, now I’m 152 lbs!
  • Fastest 5K time: 26 min 22 sec

Favorite music

This may be a little skewed towards what I’ve heard most recently.

Favorite Movies

I honestly didn’t spend much time at the movies this year… I even missed quite a few UFC PPV events! ūüôĀ

  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

I need to catch up on these: The Revenant, The Hateful Eight, Minions, The Martian, The MockingJay, Terminator Genisys (did they spell that wrong?), Ex Machina, Tomorrowland, Agent 47, Bridge of Spies, Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, Southpaw, Pixels, Insurgent, Sicario, Creed, The Intern, Joy, Pan.

Great Moments

  • Bringing home dad’s new Mercedes

Not so great moments

  • Bringing home dad’s new iPhone 6S Plus (it didn’t work, 3 months later he still doesn’t have it) and Apple Watch (you can’t even tell the time without the¬†iPhone)


  • Seattle – Apr 2015 (for Eric’s memorial)
  • Las Vegas – Oct 2015 (Tableau Conference)

New “acquisitions”

  • Upgraded my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6S. Note the iPhone 4 still works, i just needed it for…
  • Apple Watch
  • Remote flash release
  • Art of Shaving Lexington Edition – probably not the smartest investment I’ve made but its so cool looking!


Overall 2015 was a good year. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned. I think my biggest issue was I didn’t spend enough time being productive [at home]. For 2016 I aim to:

  • Spend less time playing games
  • Spend more time finding data sets, preparing for analysis, publishing to Tableau Public (and this site)
  • Spend more time on the Tableau Community forums
  • Get Tableau Desktop Certified Professional certification
  • Get Scrum (or similar agile approach) certified
  • Spend more time with Photography (and Photoshop)
  • Post more! [be more active on this site]
  • Read more books
  • [Re]Learn Spanish and¬†French (more like brush up on it)

The biggest lesson I learned this year, and I’m still working on implementing, comes from Scott Adams’ book,¬†How To Fail at Everything and Still Win Big, “Make systems, not goals.” The second biggest lesson also from his book follows an agile method, “Release small things, see if people like it, then build on it. If it doesn’t work then don’t waste your time on it.”

This seems like a lengthy list, but doable.

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