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Hi there and welcome to my blog!

This first post is mainly to test the functionality of this WordPress theme, I know it is very possible to to insert objects from Tableau Public into sites (as opposed to a site) but I still have to test it! I’ve seen other people do it, granted with a different theme, so I should be able to as well right?

I went to the Tableau Conference 2015 in Las Vegas (I know it was a few months ago and I should have done this earlier) and prior to attending the conference I had a hard time choosing what sessions I should go to. There were ~360 sessions taking place over the course of three days and they were all very valuable sources of information! The visualization I created below. Remember, I created this before the conference… I have seen the error of my ways and I will clean this up! (Right now I’m really just making sure it all works!)

A little explanation on the viz:

As mentioned earlier, there were about 360 sessions taking place. I had to decide which sessions I wanted to go to and make sure I wasn’t conflicting with other interests. The first step was to see all the available sessions at a glance. This isn’t very helpful off the bat but when you utilize the filters you can narrow it down your selection you can have a better idea of what is around.

Note: now that I’m thinking of it I should include a word cloud to show the popular words that appear in the titles, abstracts and hashtags

The next step is to pick out the interested session. You do this by selecting the session(s), choose multiple if they have repeat sessions, and adding it to the Interested Sessions set. This view gives a better idea of what overlaps you may have.

From here you can select these sessions into the relevant My Sessions sets to finalize the schedule. On my view you can see my chosen schedule (both as a calendar and as a gantt) and you see the same for the sessions I actually went to. Notice the My TC15 Sessions tab looks a little more polished than the optimistic… I really need to clean that up…

Another note about TC15: mistakes were made and lessons were learned! All those Jedi classes were cool, it is great to know some of the tips and tricks people use to make a Viz stand out from the norm, but my area of focus should really be on data story telling. It is tough to balance effective presentation with technical prowess, both are very important traits of a Tableau master. If you had to choose and you are taking the Tableau Desktop Certified Professional exam, focus on the effective presentation topics; go to the zen master sessions and data story telling sessions. Jedi skills are nice but you can learn them as the need arises.

P.S. I might clean this up later (aren’t those tooltips ugly?)

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